Hall Rental

We are happy that you chose the The JCC – Chabad LIC as the venue for your enrichment program. Please help us Keep JCC-Chabad LIC a beautiful and highly reputable venue- and thank you in advance for respecting our policies and guidelines so that we may continue providing quality programming for the community. If Chabad can be of further assistance, or if you'd like to discuss any of the items in greater details, please feel free to call us at 718-603-0066 Ext:1.

1. Hall Rental Fees




$85.00 per hour (minimum 3 hours)

Chai Club Members

10% Discount

Deposit $100 Non- Refundable

2. Clean-Up
Clean up is included. Please don't dispose of garbage and recycle. We will take care of it.

3. Equipment Included
We Currently have the following in stock for your use: 8 Folding 6" Rectangle Tables 1 Speaker (Aux Cord & Microphone) 100 Chairs

4.Additional Equipment
Big Kid Bouncy Castle: $20 Toddler Bouncy Castle: $20 Ball Pit: $20

5. Food and Use of Kitchen
In keeping with kosher dietary laws, kitchen should not be used for any purpose. Refrigerator and freezer can be used for cake. If you would like a list of kosher Pizzeria's or Caterers please call office.

6. Indemnification/Damages Host agrees to maintain responsibility for attendees during the time of event. By signing below, JCC-Chabad of LIC is absolved of said of responsibility. Host will be held financially responsible for any and all damages incurred to hall, building and/or equipment and utensils in the course of the event.


Date of Event
Begin Time
End Time
Please note: rental hours are calculated by actual time in hall. This includes all time necessary for setup before and cleanup after event. Please plan accordingly.
Type of Event: (please describe in detail)