To sponsor a Kiddush in honor or in memory of a loved one, please choose from the following options:

All options include paper goods, cutlery, and grape juice.

1. Chai Club members are privileged to one free Kiddush per year

2. $120 : Cholent and crackers

3. $180: Cholent, Challah and dips

4. To customize a more lavish Kiddush, please contact Candice at

All inquiries need to be confirmed by Tuesday before the shabbat kiddush.

If you shop for the Kiddush on your own, please make sure all foods have a proper Kosher certificate. All food should be Pareve/ non dairy.

Click here to see availability, and insert your name next to the date most convenient for you.

Kiddush Options

Light $120

Deluxe $180

Sponsor a Children's Service for $40


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