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Sunday October 16

5:00 PM - Entertainment for adults and children  - Ventriloquist GELTOWN (for adults and children!)

6:00 PM - Evening services

Followed by Buffet Dinner in The Sukkah Click HERE to RSVP

Monday October 17

8:00 AM - Morning Service

Tuesday October 18

8:00 AM - Morning Service

Wednesday October 19 -  Friday, October 21

Sukkah is open to all to eat, enjoy, or make a blessing over the Lulav and Etrog

Shemini Atzeret / Simchat Torah


Sunday October 23rd

6:00 PM Evening Service

Monday October 24thSimchat Torah warning.jpg

8:00 AM - Morning Service

9:00 AM - Yizkor memorial service

6:00 PM - Family Hakafot!

6:45 PM - Evening Service

Followed by Buffet Kiddush, Hakafot, Dancing & L'chaim 


Tuesday October 25 

8:00 AM - Morning Service 

Followed by HAKAZAN! 


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Jewish Women's Circle

Designed for the contemporary Jewish woman